Steal the limelight of an occasion by choosing the right saree in accordance with your height

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Sarees are counted to be the most ravishing Indian attire that enhance the beauty of an Indian woman. When draped perfectly, it bestows timeless appeal to her.


Choosing the right saree online can make a short woman look classy and elegant. The first and foremost rule you should keep in mind if you are of short height is that you should say no to heavy borders. You should avoid bold and big prints at the same time if you have a short height. You can go through our amazing collection of medium and small prints. You can also buy sarees online with thin borders as they make you appear tall. Select a saree in solid and dark color to confer a sensuous look to you. Women having short height look great in sarees with dark color border.


A woman having short height should be wearing a saree with vertical stripes. You should say goodbye to sarees with horizontal stripes. The vertical stripes present in sarees confer an illusion of vertical height and bestow a taller look. However, you should ensure at the same time that the stripes are not that broad. You can browse through the latest collection of sarees with vertical strips in different colors. We have a wide collection of designer sarees at our e-store that helps a woman with shorter height to steal the limelight of any occasion.

If you are planning to wear a saree in office, you should pin up the pallu of saree in a proper way. This imparts a smart and confident look to you. You should, however, avoid using big pins as they make you look clumsy. A small pin makes you look classy and enhance the beauty in you. If you are planning to go for parties and other occasions, it is recommended to leave the pallu a little loose.

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