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Pink Handloom Narayanpet Cotton Saree With Zari Border

Pink handloom narayanpet cotton saree with zari border.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogue product b..

$34 (38%) $21 Ex Tax: $19

Dark Green Narayanpet Handloom Cotton Saree With Mango Border And Plain Blouse

Dark green narayanpet handloom cotton saree with mango border and plain blouse.Disclaimer: This is n..

$34 (10%) $31 Ex Tax: $28

Green Plain Narayanpet Cotton Saree With Plain Zari Red Border

Green plain narayanpet cotton saree with plain zari red border.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogue p..

$15 (10%) $14 Ex Tax: $12

Green Plain Narayanpet Cotton Saree With Pink Border And Plain Blouse

Green plain narayanpet cotton saree with pink border and plain blouse.Disclaimer: This is not a Cata..

$34 (10%) $31 Ex Tax: $28

Blue Narayanpet Handloom Cotton Saree With Pink Mango Border

Blue narayanpet handloom cotton saree with pink mango border.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogue pro..

$34 (10%) $31 Ex Tax: $28

Green Plain Handloom Narayanpet Cotton Saree With Red Zari Border

Green plain handloom narayanpet cotton saree with red zari border.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogu..

$19 (38%) $12 Ex Tax: $10

Green Narayanpet Cotton Saree With Zari Border And Plain Blouse

Green narayanpet cotton saree with zari border and plain blouse.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogue ..

$15 (10%) $14 Ex Tax: $12

Blue Narayanpet Handloom Cotton Saree With Pink Border

Blue narayanpet handloom cotton saree with pink border.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogue product b..

$41 (31%) $28 Ex Tax: $25

Violet Narayanpet Handloom Cotton Saree With Bue Border And Plain Blouse

Violet narayanpet handloom cotton saree with bue border and plain blouse.Disclaimer: This is not a C..

$38 (10%) $34 Ex Tax: $31

Red Plain Narayanpet Cotton Saree With Plain Blouse

Red plain narayanpet cotton saree with plain blouse.Disclaimer: This is not a Catalogue product but ..

$15 (10%) $14 Ex Tax: $12



Buy Different Sarees Online

India is a country rich in diverse culture. The diverse culture gives diverse costumes and dresses. India is as rich in dressing or costumes as rich in culture. One of its heritages in styling is saree. This attire has maintained its popularity over the ages. Even today, it is the most sorts after women attire. It is one of the longest running ‘in-fashion’ dresses or apparel in the world. The flow it confers to the natural contours of the female form enhances the gracefulness, as none other. It is one of the most expressive and elegant clothing styles of woman's femininity and accepted attire

Cotton Saree

Indian sarees online have a generated a huge enthusiasm among all fashionistas as it showcase detailed weaving and elegant designing. Cotton saree are known for easy fabric and known fabric. These sarees are chosen by wide majority of women in India and around the world. Even the young girls, western women or the first timers have it as their favorite. Apart from being simplistic, charming, the sarees have many features and benefit. It can be team up with a sandal, exotic jewelry and a bindi. To, buy cotton saree online browse through the fanciful saree collection at Bujju and treat your eyes with the best accessible saree online. Select from the range of fabrics, patters and design.

Georgette Sarees

This saree fabric is silky which gives it a breezy flow. It is best choice for a summer season. The saree remains crease free throughout the day making it simple and easy to carry over a day. It don’t demand much care and maintenance. It looks perfect with a designer blouse and a pair of silhouette. Just add bangles, earrings and a neck piece.

Net Sarees

The net fabric is more like a lace. It gives a beautiful look when draped around as a saree. It is most favorite among the b-town. The fabric is smooth and catchy. Net sarees are generally adorned by fashion lover women. They express their personality in an unparalleled way. It is known as perennial favorites. It is trending all over the web as wedding sarees. To, buy online browse through Bujju collections of net sarees.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon fabric is very fine,thin and light in weight. The saree is very comfortable and is perfect for evening party or celebration wear. This saree clings way better than any other fabric saree. It gives a slimmer appearance. Being fine, its touch is very smooth. If you like draping sarees then its a must have for your ethnic wardrobe. Purchase, now, online from The buying has made so easy and effortless, that it will become a habit.

Silk Sarees

The most favorite saree are silk sarees. The silk sarees exhibits shine and smooth texture. The silk fabric is often mixed with cotton and jute to produce cotton silk saree and jute silk sarees. Based on the region of production Assamese silk sarees and tusaar silk sarees and many other are available. It is considered as a symbol of royalty and high class culture. It is worn on special occasions of like marriages, majorly in Southern and Eastern India. Banarasi silk sarees and Bhagalpuri silk sarees are regarded as most gracious saree pieces. It is like and appreciated by everyone.

Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari is a block printed cotton textile saree. This saree is, generally, based on the themes of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is ancient form of artistry work widely known for hand painting with vegetable colours. This saree is very light in draping. It simply gives a feel of exceptional simplicity and elegance. provides a wide collection of Kalamlari saree. Buy kalamkari saree to embrace a celebration.

Weaver District Saree

Apart from the fabric, Indian sarees are known by their region of production. The weavers of the region very delightfully weave the uniqueness of their neighborhood into loom of the saree that the saree began to be associated with the district. Out of all, Banaras is one district which is well known for the saree. It is considered to be saree capital. The Banaras saree is ubiquitous. It has received love and appreciation for it's intrinsic pattern. Along with brocade, there are silk,’ jamawars’, ‘tanchois’, ‘organza’ and ‘tissue’ sarees. Another well known saree is ‘chanderi’. It is weaved in a town ‘chanderi’.It is a cotton saree with delicate zari borders. It is known for gold thread used to weave it.The other weavers district ‘kanjivaram’ produce ‘kanjivaram’ saree.

It is silk saree with horizontal strips of gold in the border pattern.The fabric of the saree is always light enough, not to interrupt the fluidity of the drape. The another drape district is Assam. It provides wide range of silk saree such as muga silk saree, eri silk saree, pat silk saree. One of the unique woven saree of the region is Mekhala saree. From the other eastern state odisa comes sambalpuri sareee and bamkai saree.

The Designer Saree

In today’s fashion era, designer dresses have unfolded into every dressing style, be it Salwar –kameez or kurti, a shirt or a T-shirt. Everything is modified and re-invented to a new styling. In this re-defining the style, some where the charm of the original style gets muddled. Perhaps it’s only and solely saree, a vintage Indian apparel that has been able to keep its charm and elegance. The Indian saree is a versatile garment that suits women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is available in different fabric, style, patter and embellishment. Apart from these there are designer sarees. The designers have shaped totally different saree assortment for different occasions.

A designer label constantly brings to mind an outstanding piece of art or one thing extremely exotic, delicate and inventive. The saree are crafted so beautifully that at times they are so appealing that many indulge into un-thoughtful buying. They are being so well recognized appreciated globally that Hollywood actresses demand saree for the occasions such as red carpet. Also, there is an increasing demand for designer saris that are easy to drape among whole new group of buyer, that is, young teenage girls. They are so appealing to them that they wish to get draped into conventional outfit.

Half and Half Saree

These are designer sarees, it is a blend of traditional style with the modern trends.The fashionista women have love for these sarees. Unlike traditional saree, these sarees are not in one colour. The colour and design for these saree is different for pallu and bottom, hence garbing oodles of notices. These saree showcase creative craftsmanship. They are perfect as casual weavers as well as party wear.They are available in crepe, chiffon ,silk and others. Team up with fancy jewelry and mark a style statement at the party. To buy just explore Bujju collection of designer sarees.

Saree Gown

It is breakthrough from tradition 9 yards sarees. It is a blend of gown with saree. It is yet another fusion of tradition with modern trends. It is best choice for amateurs and ethnic lovers who like experimenting.It comes with sheer bliss of comfort and looks very elegant and charming. They are good possession for cocktail parties, wedding , engagement, office parties and other celebration and festivities.Add some jewelry to complete the look.Visit to explore the wide affordable range.

Lehenga Saree

This saree is upbeat in fashion trend. It is amalgamiation of saree in the style of lehenga. Unlike conventional saree, the pallu is not attached to the saree. It is worn as a additional piece like salwar-kameez or lehenga. Also the pleats are per-defined and stitched from the waistline in a vertical manner, contrary to the the conventional style of saree. Young fashion loving girls are fond of this designer creation. This piece eases all the hassles of draping 9 yards and remove hesitation any to experiment with a look in a saree. It is possessed as a luxurious piece, profoundly worn in wedding, engagement and royal invitation. It is best to team up with jewelry like kundan and open toe wedges or heels.

Online buying sites have all the possibilities accessible to the saree lover.The new trends and innovation is bringing new things everyday. With its timeless appeal Saree are one must have attire in your wardrobe.It is perfect accompaniment to the rains with its romantic vibe and feel. Fall in love with saree with Bujju saree collection. It offers a wide range of sarees online. You can buy designer sarees, kalamkari sarees, cotton sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, net sarees and silk sarees from the exclusive sarees section of site. Bujju online buying platform brings a range of products at special deals and ugadi offers that eases all efforts to buy dresses and jewellery.

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